Welcome to the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

The Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg is a tiny, partly unknown country in the heart of Europe, bordered by Germany, Belgium and France.

Discover the 10 best reasons why this beautiful country is worth to be visited more than once.

  • Strategically located in the heart of Europe, Luxembourg is easily accessible from anywhere in Europe.
  • It is a country with human dimensions: Sites and attractions within easy reach. With an excellent public transport network you can reach almost every little corner you want to visit on a budget.
  • No need to worry about safety! Luxembourg is among the safest countries in the world.
  • Striking contrasts. Discover the City of Luxembourg, a bustling and lively cosmopolitan city that has managed to maintain its human side. The contrast between the international business centre and the fortifications and old old town - a UNESCO world heritage site - is quite unique.
  • Country with large diversity. Luxembourg offers a multitude of  fascinating landscapes spread over 6 regions with a rich cultural, historical, architectural and industrial heritage spread over a small area. Some attractions have also been listed by the UNESCO world heritage.
  • Fascinating nature. From the green valleys of the Ardennes, via the rock formations of the Mullerthal Region to the vineyards along the Moselle river or the Land of the Red Rocks, which still marks the industrial era back to the Gutland with lovely green spaces. Every region has something particular to offer.
  • Multicultural and multilingual. Over 170 different nationalities live in Luxembourg which reflects in all aspects of Luxembourgs society through the use of languages, in gastronomy, arts, leisure, sports, etc. You will be surprised by hearing many different languages in the streets and the fact that almost everyone speaks at least french, german or english.
  • The Grand Duchy represents the highest density of star restaurants throughout the world. The Michelin Guide rewarded Luxembourg’s best restaurants with 11 stars and 14 Bib Gourmands.
  • Luxembourg represents also the highest density of ‘Leading Quality Trails – Best of Europe’. This label guarantees a high quality walking experience. The “Escapardenne - Eisleck Trail” and the “Mullerthal Trail” both fulfill the quality criteria.
  • It is the only Grand-Duchy in the world.


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