The LIEBHERR 2017 ITTF European Table Tennis Championships will be played in both the women's and men's competition. Divided into three different leagues, the tournament will feature the best players of the participating countries. Luxembourg has a special status as a host and is thus set for the highest league, the Championships Division.

The exact schedule will be published soon.

In the ‘Championship’ and ‘Challenge’ divisions, each team plays all other teams of their respective group, which entails 3 matches per team in the best-of-five system. At the end of this group phase, the first and second placed will go to the quarter finals and play by k.o. for places 1 to 8, while the third and fourth placed compete for positions 9 to 16.

In the ‘Challenge’ Division, the first and second placed compete for positions 17 to 24, whereas the third and fourth place compete for positions 25 to 32.

In the ‘Standard’ Division all matches will be played starting with position 33.

Championships Division, Men
Group A: Germany, Croatia, Spain, Belarus
Group B: Portugal, Austria, Slovenia, Slovakia
Group C: Sweden, Greece, Russia, Luxembourg
Group D: France, Romania, Poland, Ukraine

Challenge Division, Men
Group E: England, Denmark, Netherlands, Ireland
Group F: Czech Republic, Turkey, Bulgaria, Switzerland
Group G: Hungary, Belgium, Finland, Estonia
Group H: Italy, Serbia, Israel, Lithuania

Standard Division, Men
Group I: Latvia, Norway, Aserbaijan, Montenegro, Cyprus
Group J: Scotland, Wales, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia


Championships Division, Women
Group A: Germany, Hungary, Sweden, Croatia
Group B: Romania, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Luxembourg
Group C: Austria, Portugal, Ukraine, Spain
Group D: Poland, Russia, France, Belarus

Challenge Division, Women
Group E: Slovakia, Lithuania, Switzerland, Finland
Group F: Serbia, Belgium, Italy, Denmark
Group G: Turkey, Wales, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria
Group H: England, Slovenia, Greece, Israel

Standard Division, Women
Norway, Estonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Latvia, Scotland, Macedonia