d'Coque, National Sports & Culture Centre

It is a futuristic building characterised bey its rounded forms, both impressive an elegant. D’Coque is a harmonious ensemble which has successfully assumed its own style whilst blending perfectly with its urban surroundings.

Located in the heart of the Grand Duchy on the Kirchberg Plateau, close to the centre of the city of Luxembourg, d’Coque has rapidly become a place which cannot be ignored, a synonym for major events for the entire greater region.

One single roof covers:
  • A huge sporting and swimming facility open to elite sportsmen and beginners
  • Wellness Centre
  • Restaurants
  • Sports Bar
  • Spaces dedicated to sports, cultural and corporate events…
  • Conference centre
  • An exceptional location for exhibitions
  • A hotel with 36 double rooms

One place, 1001 activities / www.coque.lu